Uncompromising in its commitment to recruiting only the very best specialist educators and teaching assistants, SEIPS’ staff is second to none. All qualified professionals, their backgrounds span psychology, child and adolescent development, bilingual education and more. At SEIPS, our reputation is built on not just staff’s credentials and achievements, but also their professionalism, patience, compassion and kindness. Trust SEIPS to have your child’s best interests at heart.


Pascale Estevan

Principal (Kangqiao)

Pascale ESTEVAN is our Principal at our new SEIPS Kangqiao campus. Pascale has lived with her family and worked in Shanghai as a teacher and school Principal for the past eight years. She’s a contented mum of two lovely trilingual children, one 10-year-old boy and one 8-year-old girl. She brings to SEIPS over 10 years teaching experience, working with a range of age groups from 12 months to grade 8, and has an extensive background in Education. Pascale holds a Bachelor in Sciences of Education, as well as a Master in Education. She also has an intensive experience in Management and HR. Pascale is a passionate and dedicated Educator. She believes that all children have the right to access to education and can learn naturally in a fun and creative way. She’s convinced that “learning through play” is the best way to help children to learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally. Pascale is very excited to be a member of the growing SEIPS community and start her second year with SEIPS.


Michelle Meng

Vice Principal (Kangqiao)

Michelle Meng is our Vice Principal at our new SEIPS Kangqiao campus. Michelle graduated from Beijing Normal University and KLC School of Education in Singapore and has a major in Early Childhood Education. She worked in Singapore as a Chinese Teacher, Chinese Curriculum Executive and a Vice Principal for almost 8 years with children from 18 months to grade 6. Michelle has also worked as a Kumon Instructor in the Kumon learning centre.   She also worked in an International Preschool as a Chinese Homeroom teacher and has experience as a Children Centre Manager. This is Michelle’s second year with SEIPS.


Barbara Poppell

Developmental Specialist

Barbara Poppell is the Developmental Specialist providing parents, teachers and the community with training, information sessions and important tips and research about child development. She believes every child has the right to learn and experience the world through developmentally appropriate experiences. Barbara received her B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development with an emphasis in Developmental Disorders while she lived in California. She first moved to Shanghai in 1999 when she was a child, and was pleased to move back in 2011. Barbara has worked in inclusive settings here in Shanghai and has helped develop programs that support the healthy development of children using best practices. She is currently a Master’s candidate for a Masters in Education – Early Childhood Education and Administration.


Louise Thorpe

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Louise brings to SEIPS 10 years of experience teaching nursery and preschool aged children. Valuing each child’s uniqueness guides her classroom teaching philosophy. Providing her students with a positive, stimulating and safe educational environment is her primary goal as a teacher. Louise has studied teaching at Nottingham University and has a PGCEI in International Education and a Diploma in Nursery Nursing, specifically focusing on teaching children under the age of 8. Louise has worked extensively with bilingual students through Soong Ching Ling International Kindergarten in Shanghai and the British International Pre-school in South Korea. She believes that having an active partnership with parents is the key to her classroom’s success. Louise is delighted to be a part of our exceptional new school in Kangqiao and is especially looking forward to meeting her toddler class.


sweeny copy

Sweeny Tang

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Sweeny has a diploma in Early Childhood Education from East China Normal University. She has worked as a Chinese teacher for the First Steps (ages 1 to 2) and Kindergarten classes (ages 4 to 5).
Sweeny has also worked as an “afterschool activities” coordinator in SEIPS.
Sweeny is an outgoing and lovely teacher who loves to work with children. She believes that learning through play is the best way to make children happy and help them to develop their learning skills. She is in her fourth year with us and will be the homeroom teacher of First Steps group (ages 1 to 2) in our new SEIPS Kangqiao campus.  

Alan copy

Alan Proctor

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Alan Daniel Proctor is from London, England.  He has a BA in English Language and Literature from Nottingham University.  He has taught a numerous amount of ages but found his true calling in Early Years. He has been working with children in Shanghai for more than 9 years and has also worked at Fortune Kindergarten and ECNUAS. Alan strives to create a safe learning environment that promotes creativity and academic development. He believes that for children to grow and learn, they need to try and do 4 things: Caring, Collaborative, Creative, Critical, which are the 4 C’s that children will experiment and achieve each day in his classroom. He is really excited to be on board of the new SEIPS Kangqiao campus and will be the homeroom teacher of Toddlers group (ages 2 to 3).


Penny Tang

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Penny Tang has a Diploma in teaching and a BA in English Literature from Shanghai International Studies University. She began her career in preschool education as a teaching assistant at Shanghai Community International School. Two years later, she was promoted to homeroom teacher and held that position for four years. She is passionate about children and believes the most effective learning environment a teacher can offer is one that brings out a child’s full potential. Penny is proud mum to a 9-year-old boy. She is in her sixth year with us and will be the homeroom teacher of Toddlers group (ages 2 to 3) in our new SEIPS Kangqiao campus.