Dear lovely SEIPS Parents,   Welcome to a new exciting school year at SEIPS. As another school year begins, we would like to inform all the parents and/or guardians of the general rules and regulations of the school. We look forward to an excellent start in the 2016 – 2017 academic year. More information can be found on our website… More


Drop off time is from 8:30am to 9:00am and pick up time is at 3:00pm. Please drop-off and pick-up your child/children on time. Due to classroom instruction commencing at 9:00am, ensure your child is on time as it is important for your child’s daily routine. For arrivals to school prior to 8:30am we ask kindly that you wait with… More


For some of you this will be the first time you will be leaving your child at school. Once you are comfortable with the thought of leaving your child in the hands of our experienced teachers, you and your child will be able to allow the separation process to occur. If your child has a comfort toy that… More


As required by the “Chinese Health Authorities”, student absences (sickness or personal reason) must be reported to the school a day before or first thing in the morning of the day that the child will be absent. In case of sickness, please provide us with precise details regarding your child’s condition by providing a medical certificate upon your child’s return… More


Parents must provide a copy of the child’s immunisation/vaccination record upon enrolment. Each classroom in the school is fully equipped with an IQ Air purifier. Outdoor play if air quality is 150 below able to play, 150 – 200 certain age groups limited play time, 200 above no play outdoors. For more first aid and health updates… More


Communication between the parents and teachers is extremely important to us at SEIPS. We encourage our parents to chat with the teachers during pick up and drop off times when possible. We also correspond through e-mail and/or your child’s communication booklet. Please ensure you read the information provided in the communication booklets everyday so you are kept abreast of any… More


Please label all your child/children’s belongings to avoid mix-ups with other students’ belongings. The school will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any item such as clothing, jewelry and toys that are brought into school. Please refrain from bringing to school toy guns and toy knives. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to wear jewelry… More


We strictly have a NUT FREE POLICY at SEIPS. Please refrain from sending in any snacks with nuts. All Snacks provided by SEIPS will be carefully monitored to make sure that they do not contain nuts. At SEIPS if you provide snacks and lunch teachers will check food provided to ensure the nut free policy is adhered to… More


Please regularly check the school calendar to have a systematic guide of the different school events that will take place during the year. There will be events at school where parents/guardians and other family members should attend such as Lantern Festival, Halloween, Christmas Concert, Chinese New Year and End of Year Performance. We also have children only events at school… More


We love for the parents to get involved, and the children love it too! Please be on the look out for volunteer opportunities, such as field trips, reading a book for the class during morning circle, and coming in to share about your home country for culture class. If you would like extra opportunities to volunteer, please do… More